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  • Do JAK Sprat earrings have nickel in them?

    All the earrings are ‘hypoallergenic” and do not contain nickel. However, I’ve learned that just because they work for one person with sensitive ears, doesn’t mean they will work for everyone. (I wish that were the case!) We do have the option to switch hooks out to sterling silver if necessary (for an additional cost). Simply email us at hello@jaksprat.com to make your request.

  • Are all JAK Sprat earrings light weight?

    Yes, YES, and MORE YES! These are the lightest big earrings you’ll find! The materials (leather and faux leather) are so light you won’t even remember you’re wearing them-- except for all the compliments you’ll be getting!

  • Are they real leather?

    We use both faux leather and real leather on most of our designs. 

  • Do you take custom orders?

    While we would love to literally make everyone’s dreams come true, we’ve realized that just isn’t realistic. We thrive on creative freedom here at JAK Sprat, and custom orders hinder that. So, I’m sorry to say, the short answer is no. That being said, we’re always curious what you have in mind! Send us an email at Jodi@jaksprat.com and maybe, MAYBE we can make something happen!

  • I lost one of my earrings, can you replace just the one?

    Due to the uniqueness of our earrings, we cannot replace single earrings. We’re unable to guarantee we have the material on hand or that the color lot would match perfectly to the one you lost. The best way to find the match is to throw the other one away- then *magically* the lost one will show up! (Haha! We’re totally kidding, but isn’t that how it always works?!) Our suggestion- keep it and wear two different earrings! Girl- you were BORN to stand out! 

  • Do you wholesale?

    You betcha we do! Please email Jodi directly at: Jodi@jaksprat.com to discuss details!

  • Do you have a storefront?

    We currently have a shop that is open as an occasional pop-up store. Heavy on the “occasional” as it’s only been open three times in three years. Haha!

  • Where else can I purchase earrings from?

    If you’re on Facebook and/or Instagram… be sure to follow us! We do weekly live sales and it’s SO. DARN. TOOTIN’. FUN!! The ladies love when new people join!

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