Jodi Ann Krikke

Hey there pretty lady! (or handsome dude, if you’re a guy stumbling upon this website!) I’m Jodi (Ann) Krikke- the “JAK” in JAK Sprat. I’m a leopard loving, glitter obsessed, shoe collector, purse connoisseur, craft junkie, “EXTRA as sh*t” girl (my friend Marissa’s words, not mine), living out big dreams in small-town Iowa. 

My Hobbies

Making earrings! And when I’m not making earrings, I’m making earrings. ;) But for real, though. The cliché saying, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” is so true! I absolutely LOVELOVELOVE what I do, and it’s because of the amazing support from people like YOU, that I’m able to do it!!


I’m happily married to a farmer/maintenance man/fixer-of-all-things. And something like Cinderella , I transformed from a town/city girl to a country girl- minus the cowboy boots and livestock chores- although I do help with pigs as a desperate-last-resort kinda thing. I’ve deemed myself a “country girl with a city heart”. I lived in Minneapolis for a bit back-in-the-day, and that city still holds a piece of my heart!

I’m a momma of two littles. Actually, they call me “mom, mom, moooom, MOOOOOM, MOOMMMMM” most of the time and a bonus mom to two olders (if they’re not ‘littles’, are they ‘olders’?) and their lovely wives.