$72 / Month

OHMYGOODNESS. Does your mailbox even know what's about to hit it?!

No. No it doesn't.

And you? You're about to turn into *that* person who LOVES to go get their mail! Are you ready for that?!

We're pretty JAK'd Up* over here about the launch of JAKs In A Box! (*I can't help myself. It's too much of a pun!) If you're a lover of big, fabulous, can't-get-them-anywhere-else-earrings... this box is for YOU.

I'm IN!

All The Details To Get JAK'D Up About!

-One new pair of fabulous earrings, exclusively designed for JAKs In The Box, in your mailbox every month!

-All our biggest styles specially designed for each month!

-Value beyond the price of the box!

-Joy. The pure joy and excitement you'll get when you know your earrings are on their way.

-Charmy Charms, Mic Drops, Fabulous Feathers, Rock Stars, Never-Seen-Before Styles, and other amazing surprises are what you can expect to see in your box! (WHO KNOWS... Maybe we'll even throw in an extra pair for funsies here and there- just because we love you and can!)

+++ EXCLUSIVE Killer Confidence Cards EVERY BOX!

Think of it as me, Jodi, your personal cheerleader, in your house, every day, cheering you on to live as fabulous as you already are!

Time to get JAK'd Up!