JAK Sprat

JAK Sprat is a creative place where we specialize in earrings and accent with all other things “pretty”. From magnet boards and magnets to t-shirts to thrifting to wall décor, we’re here to help you feel be.YOU.tiful and to create a be.YOU.tiful home. We believe every woman should be BOLD and rock her own unique sense of style both in her home and her fashion. Own it girl! Be YOU!

JAK Sprat doesn’t believe in following trends. We believe in staying true to yourself, your style, and what makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. If we can help you do that through earrings or other pretties, then we’ve fulfilled our mission.

About JAK

JAK is me- Jodi Ann Krikke. Sprat? Well, that just came along with it thanks to the nursery rhyme. (Google “Jack Sprat” if you don’t know what I’m referring to. ?)

JAK Sprat all started when my mom had the idea to make a magnet board for my cousin’s wedding. We upcycled a frame, put some magnets on Scrabble letters, and spelled out their last name. Tah-dah! A wedding gift! “You should sell these” my mom said. “Ok.” I said.

That was 6 years, lots of hot glue, and two kids ago. And to be honest, none of us- my mom, myself, or my husband- ever dreamed it would ever turn into something more than a couple craft shows here and there until that fad died. But here we are. JAK Sprat has evolved into much more than magnet boards and magnets, although they’re still just as popular as they were six years ago. Today we’ve switched the focus to earrings (which I am super passionate about and have a true love for) and sprinkle in other pretties for home and fashion.


JAK Sprat has grown into a creative outlet where we encourage every woman to ROCK their beauty. Earrings are such a small accessory that can make such a big impact. No matter what stage of life a woman is in, she deserves to feel beautiful. She deserves to be able to embrace and express her own style without judgement. We’re here to *high five* them!
We encourage women to find their fancy and feed it! Life is too short- buy the shoes, wear the dress, ROCK the earrings!
By creating a space where women can come to shop and express their own style, we hope to help women realize their beauty- both inside and out!
PS: Go tell another woman she’s ROCKING it today- let’s build a community where we can encourage each other!