So here’s the part about how JAK Sprat came to be. (I don’t know about you, but I love to read the “about” section of a website!)

2013: JAK Sprat was born! It started as a magnet board/magnet “hobby business” when Jodi’s mom made one for her cousin as a wedding gift and said “you should make and sell these”- and she said, “ok!”
**That was 7 years, lots of hot glue, and two kids ago. And to be honest, none of us- my mom, myself, or my husband- ever dreamed it would ever turn into something more than a couple craft shows here and there until that fad died.
But here we are!

2016: For Christmas, Jodi’s husband bought her a Cricut machine.

2017: May 2017, Jodi FINALLY took the Cricut machine out of the box, because she was intimidated by *all the things* it was capable of creating!

2017: May-November- Jodi starts making t-shirts for her family, friends, friends’ friends, friends’ friend’s dog, and everyone else! She even starts taking into consideration quitting her fulltime job to pursue t-shirts!

2017: August- Jodi stumbles upon a leather earring maker and orders her first pair of “ginormous” leather earrings. She asked the designer if they could be made on her Cricut, and the gal said, “I think so.”

2017: November: (November 16, 2017- to be exact) Jodi made her very first pair of ‘ginormous’ faux leather earrings. She wore them to a craft show the next day, where she was selling magnet boards and magnets.

2018: January- Jodi’s full time job says they are closing her location. Decision is made. Jodi will go full-time into JAK Sprat and see where it takes her!

2018: Jodi is creating earrings at her kitchen table and hires ‘official’ employees to help her!

2018: November- JAK Sprat has an ‘official” shop to work in! (Praise the Lord! Her family was getting sick of the glitter showing up in their meals!) That same month, Jodi also won an award for a “Dream Big, Grow Here” grant, where the qualifications were similar to being on an episode of Shark Tank!

2019: Ladies are buying (and loving!) JAK Sprat earrings!

2020: Jodi and her fabulous team of ladies are bringing smiles to ears everywhere!

About Jodi!


Hey there pretty lady! (or handsome dude, if you’re a dude stumbling upon this website!)
I’m Jodi (Ann) Krikke- the “JAK” in JAK Sprat. I’m a leopard loving, glitter obsessed, shoe collector, purse connoisseur, craft junkie, “EXTRA as sh*t” girl (my friend Marissa’s words, not mine), living out big dreams in a small Iowa town. I married a farmer (Daryl), and something like Cinderella , I transformed from a town/city girl to a country girl (minus the cowboy boots and livestock chores- although I do help Daryl with pigs as a desperate-last-resort kinda thing). I’ve termed myself a “country girl with a city heart”. (I lived in Minneapolis for a bit back in my college days and that city still holds a piece of my heart!)

I’m a momma of two littles (actually, they call me “mom, mom, moooom, MOOOOOM, MOOMMMMM” most of the time)- Maxton and Maela, and a bonus mom to two olders (if they’re not ‘littles’, are they ‘olders’?)- Brandon and Trevor and their lovely wives- Malorie and Selena.

Hobbies: making earrings! And when I’m not making earrings, I’m making earrings.

But for real, tho.

The cliché saying, “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” is so true! I absolutely LOVELOVELOVE what I do and it’s because of the amazing support from people like YOU, that I’m able to do it!!

Soooo welcome!
And thank you!
And stay a while!

It’s fun and fabulous over here at JAK Sprat!