WELCOME!! Yes, I’m SCREAMING that with ALL CAPITAL LETTERS! ? I’m so happy you’re here! Really, you have no idea! Being a one-man-band (translation: Self-employed with no employees. At least none that are getting paid with any sort of monetary compensation. ?) can feel a bit like someone dumped you in the middle of the ocean and you’re just floating around trying to find someone, someTHING to talk to! So, YAY! You found me in the ocean! Let’s chat!
I’m not sure how you found JAK Sprat, but I’m so excited you did! And if you feel compelled, please share with me how you found it! I LOVE to hear those stories! The internet is such a huge, amazing, never-ending place that I’d love to know how a small-town girl has reached all the way to your world!

So, I guess that’s a good segue into the background of JAK Sprat. And I’ll try to nutshell it for you, as it could get a little lengthy. About 6 years ago my mom got a crafty idea (yes, I get it from my momma), that we should make a magnet board for my cousin who was getting married. So we took a thrift store picture frame, gutted it, spray painted it, put some sheet metal in it (my step-dad is a plumber, so we were one-up on that part), and tah-dah! A magnet board! Then, we took some Scrabble letters, put magnets on the back and spelled out their last name, added a few ‘pretty’ magnets from buttons, earrings, and whatever else we had “pretty” laying around, and tah-dah again! A unique, fun, better-than-a-blender wedding gift! And that, my friends, was the start of JAK Sprat.

Shortly after that first frame was made, my mom said to me, “you should make those and sell them”. And because I didn’t have any kids or other “real life” responsibilities at the time, I said OK!

So I signed up for a few craft shows, and my mom and I began scavenger hunting thrift stores and garage sales for old picture frames, board games that contained letters or numbers, and “pretties”- buttons, old earrings, pins, etc.,- anything that a magnet could be glued to! From there we turned the picture frames into magnet boards and the letters, numbers and “pretties” into magnets. And off to the craft shows I went! (I should also mention my husband is crafty too. But in a different way. So he was at these craft shows too. I’ll tell you all about his craftiness in another post on another day. ?)

But because I come from a marketing background and my mom has marketing in her blood, I needed a name. And business cards. So, we bounced crafty, catchy ideas off each other for a while and ultimately decided on JAK Sprat. JAK are my initials and Sprat stood from something too, although I can never really remember what that was. Something about repurposed treasures. But that’s not too important. I just wanted people to remember the name!
So with a name, business cards, and products to sell, off to the craft shows I went! And I think if my husband, my mom and I are being honest, they went over far better than any of us had imagined they would! I was committed. The people bought them, and now I needed to keep producing. So I did. And six years later, they’re still as popular as they were the day I started! Today I have a basement FULL of thrift store frames (FAAAAR more than one person should EVER own), totes and baggies and more totes and more baggies full of letters, numbers and “pretties”. I still take them to craft shows- although quite a few less than in the beginning, because, #kids. ?
However, the story doesn’t stop there.

Oh no, creative people don’t just do ONE thing, they do ONE THOUSAND things! So over the course of 6 years, with the help of a Cricut machine, I now make earrings, t-shirts, signs, and about everything in between. But my true love and passion is earrings. I never intended to make earrings. But once I figured out I could. I was HOOKED. GREAT, BIG, GINORMOUS, GLORIOUS earrings are my JAM. They always have been. And now that I can make them and not have them weigh 10lbs each!? I’m obsessed. I love it. I love the way they look. I love the way they feel. I love the way they make OTHER people feel. I love the way people share their pictures with me of them wearing them. I love the smiles they bring to people. I love EV. ER. EE. THING. about earrings. I think this is my calling. I was put on this earth to make pretty things for people. And I LOVE it.

So thank you.

Thank you for stopping by JAK Sprat.

Thank you for reading this.
And thank you for your love and support to help me help you live pretty and be BE.YOU.tiful!