AAAHHH! So I think I might finally be legit. Like website, Facebook page, blog, people-buy-stuff-from-me legit. I never intended for this to happen! I never really, REALLY thought I’d own my own business. Yeah, Molly and I would chat about plans of owning our own businesses before we were 30 (back when we were slightly younger than that number?), but the older I got, the less it became a dream.
Until I got my Cricut machine.
That machine has literally changed my life.
I had NO idea what I was missing out on in the crafting world! AND I’M CRAFTY! Like, how in the world did I not own one of these 10 years ago?! I think it’s because I only equated them with scrapbooking, and creative as I may be, scrapbooking is NOT my gig. Too much work, too little reward. But this amazing machine can do SO.MUCH.MORE than scrapbooking!

And l’ll tell you the road to figuring this out was not flawless. The sample “anyone can do this” greeting card they give you to try as your “first project”? Fail. BIG fail. I couldn’t get it to work. Never DID get it to work. Tried probably 8+ times. And gave up. Cards weren’t going to be my thing anyway. So on to t-shirts I went. CouId do this? I had watched a few YouTube videos, stalked the Cricut Facebook pages and absorbed any information that didn’t require me to read actual instructions. Because as a creative person, instructions aren’t my thing either. I want to see it, make it, and voolah! have it be beautiful! So that’s what I did. I dove right in. I designed and made my own t-shirt (tank top to be exact). And I was so proud! It turned out JUST like it was supposed to! *HIGH FIVE*

So, like any normal human being living in 2018, I posted it to Facebook. I showed my friends and family my creation like a proud kindergartener. And within minutes, the first question, “hey, can you make me a shirt like this?” was posted. “Sure!”, I said. And that’s how it all began…. Family and friends started unloading their Pinterest pins and Etsy shopping cart on me! And because I’m not one to turn down a crafty challenge, I said YES to all of them! So as I type, I am still working through those orders. And I enjoy every minute of it. While my focus has switched to earrings, a topic I’ll talk more in depth on later, shirts is how I got here today.

Crafting is in my blood. I was born with it. My grandma was crafty, my mom is crafty, I’m crafty, and hopefully, someday my daughter will be crafty too. Right now I’ll just take color scribbles as a sign of her future potential. ?
So, all of that being said. THANK YOU. Thank you for being here. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for reading this. Thank you, thank YOU, THANK YOU! It means the world to me to be able to do something I love and bring joy to all of you! Because at the end of the day, we all just want a little pretty in our crazy lives, right ladies!?
Until next time…. Be BOLD. Have a {BE.YOU.tiful} day! ?